diy with oils

when you have essential oils, the options for creating your own beauty products, soaps, scrubs and gifting are endless -- and you can control exactly what goes in to them so you know they are safe for your whole family. every few months I host a make & take for all my girlfriends to come over and use oils to make rollers, bath salts, soap and more, its such a fun way to share oils and my fav ways to use them!

my favorite places to find recipes are in beauty & lifestyle books, on instagram and on pinterest. pinterest is a gold mine for oil info ;) below are a few of our favorite simple diys that are perfect for pampering yourself or gifting to friends!

find all my favorite oil accesories here.

agave lip scrub
     in a small bowl, combine the following: 1 tbsp firm coconut oil + 1 tbsp liquid agave + 3 tbsp fine cane sugar. add yl oils of choice (I love using 10 drops peppermint + 6 drops grapefruit). mix well and store in glass jar. recipe makes enough to fill two 1 oz containers. these are perfect for gifting to girlfriends, hosting make & takes and of course, a little self-pampering.

floral bath salts
     using glass test tubes, layer epsom salt, essential oils of your choice and dried flowers. pack tightly and seal well. gift a set of 2-3 with twine tied around them and pour into hot bath.

     our favorite oils for bath salts are: lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint & lemon.

linen sprays

     i make these in a 2 oz amber glass spray bottle with distilled water and a splash of witch hazel (which acts as an emulsifier) -- add your oils, witch hazel & water and shake to combine. shake well before each use. we keep these all around our home and they make lovely gifts when you add a handwritten tag and twine. the scent combinations are endless, a few of our favorites are below.

     clean kitchen: 15 drops lemon + 15 drops basil

     sleepy dust: 15 drops lavender + 10 drops cedarwood + 5 drops tangerine // our girls use this every day at naptime and bedtime on their pillows, blankets and stuffed animals

     cozy blankets: 15 drops pine + 15 drops lavender // my fav for blankets & quilts

     fresh & clean: 15 drops tea tree + 15 drops grapefruit // i love this for spritzing bathroom towels

     goodmorning: 10 drops grapefruit + 10 drops bergamot + 10 drops peppermint

      after-sun spray: 20 drops lavender + 10 drops peppermint + 1 tsp aloe vera gel

liquid hand soap
     we love this for our kitchen sink, displayed in a pretty glass soap dispenser. here's what you'll need:

3/4 cup castile soap (we love dr. bronner’s)
3/4 cup distilled water
1 tbsp vitamin e oil
1 tbsp nourishing oil of choice (such as jojoba or sweet almond oil)
yl essential oils of choice (my go to is 15 drops tea tree + 15 drops lavender)

add distilled water to base of glass soap dispenser, then add castile soap and all oils; shake gently to combine. the result is a super luxurious chemical-free soap that smells amazing and is safe for even the littlest hands

foaming hand soap
     purchase a set of 3 thieves foaming hand soaps (our fav) and when they run out, make your own using the foaming soap pumps. we love these in our bathrooms. here's what you'll need:

1 tbsp young living shower gel base
2 tbsp vegetable glycerin
15-20 drops thieves essential oil
distilled water to fill

in a foaming soap pump, add shower gel & vegetable glycerin. add thieves oil and fill nearly to top with distilled water. add pump, shake well and enjoy.

brush it off makeup brush cleaner
     in a 2 oz amber glass spray bottle, combine the following:

1 tbsp castile soap (I use dr. bronner's lavender)
10 drops tea tree
10 drops grapefruit
5 drops lavender

fill to top with distilled water and shake well before each use. to use: lay makeup brush(es) on paper towel or clean washcloth, spray lightly and gently wipe brush between towel. repeat as needed. store brushes upright to dry and give them a good fluff before using. it leaves them smelling ahh-mazing, freh and clean and the combination of oils has both antibacterial and antifungal effects. I clean my brushes with it every 1-2 weeks.

grapefruit sugar scrub
     one of my favorites for a make & take and perfect for gifting in mini mason jars, just like linen sprays the combinations of homemade sugar scrubs are endless. i love using them in the shower in the mornings to wake myself up, after shaving my legs or to scrub & soften feet after a bath.

(recipe makes approximately 2 cups of scrub to fill four 4 oz jars)

combine 2 cups fine cane sugar and 2 cups firm coconut oil in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment.
mix on low until a thick paste is formed
add your oils: 30-40 drops total (I usually do 30 grapefruit & 10 peppermint but you can leave the peppermint out if you're nursing)
add 4 tbsp fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and the zest of 1 whole grapefruit
optional: add 1/4 tsp beet juice for color
mix on low speed until combined and then medium until scrub has a light whipped consistency
store in an airtight glass container (store in a cool dry place or depending on the season, in the fridge. if left out in a warm house, the coconut oil will melt)

coconut lime sugar scrub
     perfect for summertime, this freshens and brightens skin and smells like a tropical island.

combine 1 cup solid coconut oil with 1 cup cane sugar, 15 drops lime essential oil and the zest & juice of 1 lime in a mixer fitted with a paddle attachment and blend on high until you achieve a nice light whipped consistency. add more coconut oil for a smoother scrub or more sugar for a coarser one. store in a glass jar (in the fridge) and use it for your face and body all summer long.

luscious lips sugar scrub
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp fine cane sugar or brown sugar (I love brown sugar with orange oil)
8-10 drops of essential oil (my favorites are grapefruit, orange or peppermint, which acts as a natural lip plumper too)

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