essential rewards

what is essential rewards?

also known as 'er,' essential rewards is young living's autoship program which delivers a customized wellness box to your door each month. you pick what goes in it, you pick when it arrives and you get rewarded for what you buy. 

why join?

it's free to sign up and can be canceled anytime at no cost. we use essential rewards to get everything we need for our home & family shipped directly to us so we spend less time running errands and less money in the stores. think oils, cleaning products, beauty products and more.

when should I join?
the best time to sign up for er is when you buy your starter kit, because it allows you to take advantage of all the er benefits from day 1. if you already have your kit and aren't on er yet, you can join anytime by logging in to your young living account and visiting the essential rewards page. it's never too late.

what are the benefits?

in the first year, you will receive 4 bottles of oil just for being on er. 
3 months: peppermint vitality
6 months: thieves vitality
9 months: tea tree
12 months: exclusive loyalty blend

in addition, you will earn rewards points on everything you spend. your earn rate is determined by how long you've been enrolled in er. 
months 1-3: 10% back
months 4-24: 20% back
months 25+: 25% back

so lets say you are on month 4, and you spend $100 (also known as 100 PV). you would earn 20 rewards points back to use like cash for a future order. you can save them up until you have over 100 (that's what I like to do) or you can spend them as you earn them. when I have around 150-200, I place a big order and stock up on the oils we go through the fastest (lavender, lemon, thieves, sleepyize, believe) and they're all free because of my points. pretty amazing. 

finally, on top of the 4 gifts and earning reward points, when you are on er, you have the opportunity to take advantage of what is known as a 'pv promo' each month. on the first day of each month, young living releases a new pv promo where you get young living products (both essential oils and non-oil products) free with your er order based on what you spend. the products are always in line with the season, for example, frankincense is usually included around christmas, lavender in the summer for lavender harvest, kidscents oils for back to school, etc. they are always amazing and it's so much fun to get free stuff just for ordering what our family needs. 

other benefits: reduced shipping costs (and free shipping for your first month on my team!) and exclusive access to oils + oil blends that cannot be purchased outside of er

what is required?

a 50 pv order per month is required to stay on er. the easiest way to make that happen is to cut back on what you are buying in stores and transfer that money to er. 

let's say you have a family of 5 like we do. on average, we were spending $25+ per week on household products (cleaning products, dish soap, hand soap, laundry detergent), beauty products (bar soap, face wash, moisturizer, scrubs, etc) and supplements/medicine (probiotics, multivitamins, antacids, pain relievers, etc). we stopped spending that in stores and instead, put that toward our monthly wellness box and that gave us $100+ to use each month on products that are actually safe and natural. and because only $50 (50 pv) per month is required, it can definitely be done even on a tighter budget or for smaller families. 

we love er and getting our box each month is one of our favorite mail days. i have been able to build up an incredible collection of oils and products that i might not otherwise have tried had i not received them free on er. i love being able to cash in all my points to buy what our family uses everyday and not pay for any of it. and not having to haul all 3 of my kiddos to the store every week for things that can be shipped right to me is pretty sweet too!

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