favorites for our family

one of our favorite ways to use yl essential oils in our home is with our three litle girls (5, 3, 18 months). they are our first line of defense for keeping them healthy year round, for boosting their immunity (especially during back to school season), supporting their sleep, navigating big emotions, directing behavior, soothing little tummies, supporting all kinds of moods and more.

below are some of the most loved young living products in our family

seedlings wipes // perfect for baby from head to toe but also double as a quick makeup remover for mama and safe dryer sheet (did you know traditional dryer sheets are one of the most toxic products in a person's entire home??). they smell so dreamy, are so soft and get skin clean without overdrying.

kidscents oils // young living offers a line of 5 different oils formulated specifically for little ones, pre-diluted and ready to roll right on. these are oils we always keep on hand at home and in my diaper bag on the go -- and we reach for them for ourselves just as much as for our kiddos.

geneyus // supports focus, concentration and is very calming when diffused. I diffuse it while olivia (5) is working on projects, building lego sets or doing art. I also let her roll it on to her wrists and behind her ears.

what's in it // sacred frank + blue cypress + cedarwood + idaho blue spruce + melissa + northern lights black spruce + bergamot + myrrh + vetiver + geranium + royal hawaiian sandalwood + ylang ylang + hyssop + coriander + rose

owie // one of the oils we order almost every month, we add a roller fitment and roll this on every bump, bruise, scrape, cut, scratch and burn. it has also had a dramatic effect in minimizing scars in our kiddos.

what's in it // idaho balsam fir + tea tree + helichrysum + elemi + cistus + hinoki + clove (it smells very similar to believe, my fav blend ever)

tummygize // perfect for applying to tiny tummies whether to support regular digestion or soothe upset. 

what's in it // spearmint + peppermint + tangerine + fennel + anise + ginger + cardamom

sniffleease // we love to diffuse this during cold & flu season and roll it on the bridge of the girls' noses or over their sinuses and forehead. it can also be applied to their chest and back. 

what's in it // 4 kinds of eucalyptus + palo santo + lavender + dorado azul + ravintsara + myrtle + marjoram + pine + cypress + black spruce + peppermint

sleepyize // two of these are in our er order every month, they are one of the girls' favorites in the diffuser at bedtime and my favorite too because somehow they make my kids sleep when nothing else does. in addition to diffusing, we roll it along their spine, behind their ears and on their wrists at bedtime. sleepy magic in a bottle.

what's in it // lavender + geranium + roman chamomile + tangerine + bergamot + sacred frank + valerian + rue

other favorite oils for our girls and how we use them:

gentle baby // incredibly calming for babies and parents, gentle baby is one of the first oils I'd recommend outside the starter kit and a perfect gift for any mama to be. it's also known for its amazing skin support, especially on stretch marks during and after pregnancy. it has a very soft, lightly floral scent that just reminds you of a sweet little babe.

what's in it // coriander + geranium + palmarosa + lavender + ylang ylang + roman chamomile + rosewood + lemon + jasmine + bergamot + rose

peace & calming // in the girls' diffusers every other night, this is my go-to relaxation oil that I always keep stocked. I put it in their desert mist diffusers about 30 minutes before bedtime, let them each choose the diffuser light color and nearly fall asleep with them every time. so so dreamy. 

what's in it // ylang ylang + orange + tangerine + patcholi + blue tansy

cedarwood // another favorite for sleep (and major respiratory support!), this is my go-to addition to sleep sprays and rollers. I love pairing it with lavender and then a citrus (usually tangerine, orange or bergamot -- all of which have calming properties). it also blends well with floral oils, cypress and eucalyptus. another perfect one to order right after your starter kit.

lavender // all the calming, relaxing, chill-out vibes come in every bottle of lavender. a favorite rolled onto or rubbed into the back of their necks (and mine) on hard days or in the midst of a meltdown. we love it in the diffuser paired with anything & everything (during cold & flu season we love lavender + lemongrass together at nighttime). we add it to their baths (with a little epsom salt) and I put a few drops in my palms every morning and run my fingers through their hair while it's still wet to coat their scalp. it sets them up for a calm start to their day and bonus: if your kids are in school or anywhere they will be around other kids, lavender repels head lice.

tranquil roll-on // a must for little ones, this combination of lavender, cedarwood and roman chamomile was created for calming minds & bodies and is a favorite part of our bedtime routine.

copaiba // a starter kit gem, this is one of my all-time favorite oils. it has a woodsy-balsamic scent that just reminds me of being at a cabin after a rainstorm. with its anti-inflammatory properties, it is an ideal natural solution for teething babies. rub it along their gums or apply behind their ears along down their jaw. we have loved keeping a bottle in our youngest daughter's nursery since birth.

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