getting started with essential oils

we would love to have you a part of the blessednest essentials community and joining is super simple! 

here's how:

to get started, first visit this page. you will want to enroll as a member versus a retail customer. joining as a member gives you access to all the oils and every other yl product at wholesale cost -- this does not mean you have to sell or share oils, it is simply a way to get the oils for your family at a lower cost than retail and take advantage of other perks that membership offers -- including essential rewards, where you can select specific products your family loves, have them shipped right to your door and earn a percentage of what you spend each month back!

once you buy a starter kit you are automatically a young living member -- which means you can purchase all your oils & fav yl products at wholesale; there is no extra 'membership' fee and your only requirement to keep your yl account active is to spend $50 per year. (which I promise you, you will do that without even thinking).

on the righthand side of the screen you will see a box to input a sponsor ID and enroller ID. this is where you will enter the following number: 12921835 in both boxes. this will add you to my specific team and I'll get to link arms with you for every step of the way! if the number is already there, you don't have to add anything and can simply click 'continue.'

after you click 'continue' you get to choose your starter kit! this is the first step in getting your hands on oils and a starter kit is an excellent way to get a range of young living's most popular oils at a price much lower than purchasing each of them individually. with a starter kit, you will also be able to select a diffuser for your home. the premium starter kit is young living's most popular kit and comes standard with a dewdrop or desert mist diffuser, but you can also upgrade to another style if you prefer by selecting the corresponding box. you can also click any of the gray tabs to view the other starter kit options, including savvy minerals makeup!!

with your premium starter kit, you will get a diffuser of your choice and the following 11 oils: 
lavender, frankincense, copaiba vitality, peppermint vitality, lemon vitality, thieves vitality, digize vitality, citrus fresh, raven, panaway and stress away, as well as a thieves household cleaning sample, ningxia red samples and a few other fun things to get you started. the value of the premium starter kit is well over $300, so it is a wonderful way to begin with the most commonly used oils at a significant savings ($160!!).

next, you will have the option to join young living's essential rewards program, which is a monthly auto-ship program we love because I earn a percentage back on what I am spending (in the form of points to use to "buy" oils in the future at no cost; you can spend them as soon as you earn them or save them up for a few months and then place a larger order) as well as get different products for free every month as part of the monthly promotions. most months I earn over $100 in free products, which ultimately saves me from buying them and gives me an opportunity to try products I may not yet have in my daily line-up. it's a great way to stay stocked up on your favorite yl products while also trying a few new ones each month. you can add the products you want to your essential rewards order and set it up at the same time you are buying your starter kit so you don't have to pay shipping twice.

when I first got started and bought my premium starter kit, I set up my essential rewards account as well and added some household basics such as thieves foaming handsoaps (one of our favorite YL products ever!), thieves household cleaner, aromaglide roller fitments (to turn any of my oil bottles in to rollers) and a few other oils I knew I wanted that weren't included in the starter kit (cedarwood, tangerine, valor, etc).

if you'd like to join the essential rewards program and take advantage of earning a percentage back, discounted shipping rates on your orders and getting free promotional product each month, you will click 'customize monthly order' under the essential rewards section.

it will then take you to a monthly order catalog page where you can add your products either by typing in the item number or the name.

a new page will open and you will see the product you were searching for with the name on the left and then the '+ add product' button in teal on the right. if this is the correct product you want to add to your order, click this and a new page will load.

you can continue typing in the names or product numbers of the items you would like to add to your order. each time you've successfully added a product, you will see it says 'item added' and once you are done adding everything, click 'save monthly order.'

after clicking 'save monthly order' it will take you back to the page you were originally on and you will want to click the small box under the gray section that says 'confirm monthly order' -- this adds the previously selected products to your essential rewards order. you can enroll in essential rewards anytime but, a benefit of doing it as you are ordering your starter kit is that everything will ship together and you will get to start taking advantage of all the benefits from the very beginning.

 if you decide not to participate in essential rewards, but still would like to add several oils or other yl products to your order to ship with your starter kit, you can scroll down and under the 'step 3: continue enrollment' box, click the green 'add more products' button. this will take you to a 'quick order' page where you will repeat the steps above, typing in either your product name or item number, hitting enter, adding them one at a time using the '+ add product' button and then when you are finished, clicking 'checkout'

it will return you once again to the page you were previously on and you will click the teal 'next' button. after doing that, you will reach the 'information' page, where you will enter your name, address, etc.

here is where you will also create a username and password for quick log in, as well as a 4 digit pin number. finally, select the most fitting option under the 'commission processing information' if you plan to grow this as a business and would like to earn commission in the future. you can always select 'individual no social security number required' and add your SSN in the future should you need it.

last but not least, you can read through the terms and conditions, which are all linked in blue, and click the box that says 'I have read and agree to the terms and conditions...' and then click 'agree and continue'

finally, it will take you to a page where you will see an option to select your shipping method using a drop down menu and enter your billing information. you can pay using a credit card or paypal and click 'next'

follow the final steps to confirm your order and then you will receive an email with your order details and membership information. you'll also get a welcome email from me inviting you to some private groups for our team and some happy mail to get you started!

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