our story

over the past two and a half years of using essential oils, our family has seen firsthand the many benefits. better sleep. healthier kids. emotional support. a chemical-free home. toxin-free beauty. a natural medicine cabinet. and that is just the beginning. 

we began using essential oils in 2015 after our second daughter was born because although we were in pursuit of a clean, natural lifestyle in many areas, I knew something was still missing. I was also incredibly tired with two young children and looking for a way to support my body and emotions after pregnancy as I entered in to a new season of motherhood, beyond just being active and eating well. 

since graduating college in 2012, becoming an RN, getting married and then starting a family, I have been on a journey to live a natural, holistic lifestyle and create an environment in which my family can do the same and THRIVE. essential oils have been an integral part of this journey and now, I can't imagine life without them. 

my only regret along the way was that I didn't start sooner. I look at all the products our family -- and our daughters -- have come to use and LOVE and wish I'd had them sooner.

beginning your oil journey is an investment in to yourself and your family. it is consciously saying 'yes. I am worth it. my health, my well-being and my family is worth it.' and wherever you're at in your journey to live a cleaner, more natural lifestyle, essential oils can be that missing link to take you where you want to go. 

oils can be used during pregnancy, labor & delivery, postpartum healing, through all stages of motherhood, with newborns up to big kids and even pets! and having kids is not a requirement for using oils; I wish I'd had them back in college long before my babies came along. in our home, they have allowed us to cut the chemicals and switch over to safe, natural alternatives that I feel good about my daughters growing up around. from our kitchen to our bathrooms, laundry and everything in between, young living provides all the products I could ever need while keeping them plant-based, natural and safe for all ages. 

for our family, essential oils have been game changers for sleep, postpartum mood support, for skin, for immunity, keeping our girls healthy even through long winters, and for creating a safe and natural home with products that say 'if swallowed, drink plenty of water.' 

as moms we are the gatekeepers for our home -- and so many of the health issues that families are facing are because of conventional chemical-filled products lining the shelves in grocery stores with misleading labels and false advertising. I used many of these products for years before I knew what was actually in them -- and the harm that could come from them. now that I know more, I am able to choose better. and living a natural lifestyle is about making one small, simple choice at a time. every time I reach for an oil, a thieves cleaning product or a yl supplement, all of which I know are natural while also beneficial to my body and mind, I am making that choice -- to know better, to do better, to choose better. for myself, my daughters, my family and our home. 

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